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English with Jennifer

MC900071176_studyMy beginner student, Natasha, was recently swept over by a wave of determination and decided to do more studying than usual. Unfortunately, her ambitions, though admirable, were not realistic. When she expressed frustration and admitted to being overwhelmed to the point that nothing was making much sense, I asked questions to identify the problem. It turned out that she was sitting at the dining room table with all the notes from every lesson we ever had along with our current textbook and other books from her collection of English language resources.  Her laptop was there, too.

In my Study Tips for independent learners, I stress the importance of setting realistic goals and choosing resources wisely. I’ve also shared a Goals Sheet on this blog in the past. The problem is that Natasha’s level doesn’t allow her to easily read my Study Tips or answer the questions on my Goals…

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English with Jennifer

The transition to a new calendar year is an opportune time for reflection. Language learners can be made aware of their progress and be reminded of the responsibility they share with you, their teachers, for a successful learning outcome. One way to do this is by writing observations and goals. Ask students to consider the following questions and share their thoughts with you in writing.

                GOALS SHEET

1.        Where my English WAS

Describe your English 6 months ago.

2.       Where my English IS

Describe your English now. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

What have you done or what have you been doing to improve your English?

3.       Where my English WILL BE

What do you want to be able to do in English in one year?

What will you do to reach your language goal(s)?

How can your teacher(s) help you reach your language goal(s)?

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Have just changed the name of this blog being motivated by the message received from Iryna.  As fas as this space was in the mode of lurking,  I have decided to  make it useful for the future workshop for TEA Alumni.

Hello Nina,

I would like to inform you that the TEA Program Alumni workshop is scheduled for Sept.25-26 , 2010 which is Saturday-Sunday. It will be a day and a half event for about 25-30 secondary schools teachers who had an internship at the US universities for 6 weeks.

I would be glad if you agree to be the presenter/trainer at this event. Could you, please, let me know if you are available for these dates.  We are planning this event  to be in the form of a training. We want the teachers to be trained in using the innovative methods of teaching via internet technologies. I am sure you have tons of interesting materials for this training. That is your choice what you want to present to these teachers, what internet options you can offer them, so they could teach effectively and encourage their students to learn via internet, anything  that would be useful for their professional activity and interesting for teaching ESL .  I would be happy to  hear your ideas and plans as for conducting this training as well as to receive your training handouts, requested materials for distribution among the participants, etc. You can plan it a half of the day training or the whole day training on Saturday.  I think the next day, on Sunday we will have either someone else or will have alumni presentations and sharing the experience with each other.

If you need any additional equipment for conducting this training, please, let me know and I will try to provide you with it .

IREX will reimburse you for your travel expenses and will pay you  honorarium. Could you, please, tell me about your expectations? Since we are non-for –profit organization we cannot pay a lot but  we will  try to do our bestJ .

I will appreciate it very much if you write me back before August 1.

Look forward to your reply .

Best regards,

Iryna Myroshnychenko

Program Officer

International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX)

The links to be explored

The following links need to be explored. I have put them all together here in hope to get back soon and  lay with this again.

Delicious food from Ukraine



Syrniki (cheese balls) are delicious small, bright golden balls with a tender taste of cottage cheese. Syrniki are served hot, ideally for breakfast and healthy for kids, with sour cream.

250 gr tvorog (russian cottage cheese)
75 g oil to fry
2 tb semolina flour
3 tb sugar
2 tb wheat flour
2 eggs

Combine all the ingredients, except flour, and knead stiff dough. .Crumble the cheese in a colander. Press until somewhat dry. Place the cheese, flour, yolks, sugar, and salt in a food processor bowl. Pulse until a dough forms. Shape small balls and roll in flour. Fry in oil for 3-4 minutes every side until bright golden. Serve garnished with powdered sugar, sour cream, and preserves.